Reference Library

At SolarDirectCanada we believe the best customer is an educated customer. To be honest, most of our salesmen spend more time educating than they do actually selling. The more you know, the easier our job is. Below you will find useful links, product information and even books that are available free online.

Useful Links

We could put thousands of links here but we have chosen the ones that you will might find the most useful. Enjoy.

Sun Path Chart – This is a handy site for creating a custom “sunpath” diagram for your location.

Sun Path Chart – The same information as above but shown more graphically.

Sygration – This is a largely useless but fascinating site that shows up to the minute where Ontario power is coming from and how much it is costing. It shows all the power facilities and what they are currently producing. Do you think Ontario is not burning coal? Check here for yourself.

Basic Electricity – This is a website that covers the basics of electricity.

Basics of Solar Electricity – From our friends at Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), a research institute of the University of Central Florida.

Ontario Feed-In Tariff – The official OPA site for information regarding the Ontario Feed-In Tariff. On this site you will find all the rules for connecting to the grid, including the contract you will sign, and how much you will be paid.

Canadian Sales Tax Rebate – The official site detailing information about the RST rebate. (Expires at the end of 2009)

Natural Resources Canada – This is their document repository on all things solar.

Canadian Energy Data – This is from NRCan again, but this is a link to their statistical databases on energy consumption.

Online Static vs Tracking Monitoring – This site has online live monitoring of two co-located 2kW arrays, one static and one fixed. Historical data is also available.

Property Tax Implications

See the following Fact Sheet from the Ministry of Finance regarding changes to the Assessment Act on rules governing property tax treatment of renewable energy installations.

FACT SHEET – Property Tax Treatment of Renewable Energy Installations

Product InformationMany of these links are already posted with our product listings but here they are again at a glance.Solar Panels
Fit/MicroFIT Domestic Compliant (Ontario-made) Sharp 230W panels
Fit/MicroFIT Domestic Compliant (Ontario-made) Sharp 235W panels
Sharp 230W Technical Specifications
Sharp Warranty Information
Sharp Installation Manual
Evergreen 200-210 Technical Specifications
Evergreen Mounting Guide
Evergreen Installation Guide
Evergreen Inverter Guide
Evergreen Warranty InformationInverters
Fronius IG Plus Inverter Brochure
Fronius IG Plus Inverter Data Sheet
Fronius IG Plus Inverter Factory Warranty
SMA Sunnyboy 5000-6000-7000 Brochure
SMA Sunnyboy 2500-3500 Brochure
Sunnyboy 5000-6000-7000 Installation Manual
Sunnyboy 2500-3500 Installation Manual
Sunnyboy Factory Warranty

Enphase M190 Datasheet
Enphase M190 Install and Operations Manual (& Warranty Information)
Enphase D380 Datasheet
Enphase D380 Install and Operations Manual (& Warranty Information)

Mounting Equipment
Wattsun AZ-225 Dual Axis Tracker Brochure
Installation Instructions for AZ-225 Dual Axis Tracker
Conergy Suntop Brochure
Installation Instructions for Conergy Suntop Mount system

Online Books
These are for the people that want to know everything that there is to know without actually buying any books.

Working Safely With Photovoltaic Systems Working Safely With Photovoltaic Systems

Sandia National Laboratories – 1991 – 31 Pages

This is a great introduction to safety concerns and procedures. This is recommended reading for anyone involved in installing or maintain photovoltaic equipment either professionally or for themselves.

Study Guide for Photovoltaic System Installers Study Guide for Photovoltaic System InstallersNorth American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners – 2009 – 77 pages

This book is meant to be a study guide for installers that are working toward their NABCEP certification but it is also a great text book for anyone that wants to learn more about PV installs. It includes a test at the end if you wish to test your knowledge. It is meant for professionals so some of it is pretty technical.

A Guide to Photovoltaic System Design and Installation A Guide to Photovoltaic System Design and InstallationCalifornia Energy Commission – 2001 – 40 pagesA general introduction to grid-tie systems including ones with battery backup. It includes a test and some good drawings in it’s appendicies that could be useful as an example for anyone preparing to submit a project application to a utility or building department.
Stand Alone Photovoltaic Systems Stand Alone Photovoltaic Systems – A Handbook of Recommended Design PracticesSandia National Laboratories – 1995 – 437 Pages

This is a very indepth manual covering off-grid systems. It includes system design examples for many different off-grid applications including, residential, remote monitoring, water pumping, remote communication and several others.

Solar Power in Building Design - The Engineers Complete Design Resource Solar Power in Building Design – The Engineers Complete Design ResourcePeter Gevorkian – 2008 – 506 pages

A very in-depth look at the solar industry including everything from history to production techniques. A very lengthy book but well worth the read if you have the time.